LimitLIS® Toxicology

Lowering barriers for your toxicology lab.

LimitLIS Cloud: Toxicology Edition is a modern, user-friendly laboratory information system that is easy to use and quick to deploy. It comes complete with workflows designed specifically for toxicology and pain management and meets the highest standards for control and accuracy.

LimitLIS Toxicology will help you reduce turnaround time, maintain accuracy and quality of results, reduce operating expenses, communicate effectively with clients, and ensure that every aspect of your lab is running at maximum efficiency.

See for yourself how LimitLIS Toxicology can help run your lab with a free, convenient 14-day online trial. Explore the system’s extensive features at your own pace and remember, RURO experts are available to answer your questions and provide input every step of the way.




A Deeper Look

Consistency/Inconsistency Checks

LimitLIS Toxicology automatically computes consistent/inconsistent outcomes for each metabolite based on prescribed medications. The system also documents medical necessity, ICD10 diagnosis codes, and captures physician signatures for every requisition.

Rapid Deployment

LimitLIS Toxicology is tailored to toxicology labs and ready to use right away. It comes pre-configured with a set of toxicology panels, tests, analytes, flags, and reference ranges. You can easily add new tests and modify existing ones.

Seamless Communication & Integration

Clients can enter requisitions and view released reports in the client portal, while lab staff communicates with clients in real time via direct messaging. Instrument, EHR, and billing data flows seamlessly into the system and can be queried and exported.


LimitLIS Toxicology is one of the few cloud-based LIS systems available, eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff and infrastructure. All your data is securely stored in one central system and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

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Interested In LimitLIS® Toxicology?

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