Software Products

Limfinity® : Your next Laboratory Information System should come from a software framework built for and by laboratory staff. This is Limfinity®. Using Limfinity Bricks, start with a RURO solution and grow the system that meets your precise requirements for data model and workflow management.

LimitLIS® is the LIS system with limitless possibilities. LimitLIS® is a browser-based application for complete diagnostic lab workflow management with CLIA compliance and HIPAA-related security and privacy provisions.

LimitLIS® Toxicology is a modern, user-friendly LIS that is easy to use and quick to deploy. It comes complete with workflows designed specifically for toxicology and pain management laboratories and meets the highest standards for control and accuracy.

Limfinity® TSI is the world’s only patient triage to diagnosis and treatment full workflow and inventory management solution for Translational Science and Medicine. Features a suite of tools for pedagogical, phenotypic, NGS, proteomic and other information management.

Study Manager is the solution for clinical study planning and execution management. Use Study Manager for sample collection planning, assay planning, timepoint definition, patient management, cohort & enrollment definition.


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