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Blood Kit Tracking

Institutions working with remote patients know the difficulties associated with getting patient samples into the laboratory. With the blood kit tracking module, you are able to record what types of samples were requested from patients and when they were sent. Barcoding of the kits additionally allows you to easily scan the returned samples into the system and continue processing or storage.

Cell Culture

Maintaining cell lines requires a lot of data to be tracked as cells are passaged, shipped, stored, and depleted. With the Cell Culture tracking module for Limfinity®, all your data is stored in one location for easier accessibility. The system allows you to track the parent-child relationships during passaging, so you can control your experiments.

DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction requires careful quality control monitoring to ensure the DNA is of the highest quality for experiments and for sequencing. With this module, you can record how the DNA was extracted as well as all quality metrics for the extraction. Flags and alerts can be put in place to immediately notify the responsible parties when a sample falls below the necessary QC threshold.

WES/WGS Sequencing Tracking

While Limfinity® does not perform genomic analyses, you are able to store the results of any external analysis in the system. Each variant of significance can be stored for patients to allow for future identification of cohorts or to assist in identifying a disease.

IPS Cell Generation

Limfinity® is able to store and track data for each step of iPS cell generation. Whether the process is started from an existing cell culture in the system or from an external source, you are able to begin with cell infection and monitor the process through to karyotyping and storage.

Patient Inquiries

Some research protocols require that patients specifically inquire into being enrolled. In these cases, you will need to keep track of who has inquired and what the outcome of each case was. With the patient inquiry module, you are able to easily track the information with a few simple clicks of the button.

Specimen Processing

Specimens that are received into the laboratory often undergo some level of processing before storage or use in experiments or testing. Limfinity® tracks specimen collection, receipt by the laboratory, processing according to standard operating procedures, and storage or use in testing.

Model Organism Project Tracking

Model organism studies are often complex in the number of tasks that must be performed during the organism life cycle. With Limfinity®, you are able to track all organism project data in one place, allowing you to quickly locate the information you need.

(not breeding as that is ezColony, but the research data with the MO study)

Research Project/Cohort Study Tracking

Research studies often have a lot of data from many different aspects associated with them. This data can include genomic analysis, assays, model organism work, and more. With Limfinity®, you are able to group patients into a cohort and link all research to projects for easier access and traceability.

MTA and ITA Requests and Approval

Material transfer agreements and information technology agreements are often instituted within research departments as samples or data files are sent to collaborators for additional studies. Institutional Review Boards can be provided access to Limfinity® in order to more efficiently review any agreement requests and provide approval or additional feedback to the requester.

Patient Status

Monitoring a patient’s status within a study or program with all the miscellaneous tasks on-going around them is easy with Limfinity®. All tasks can be linked to a patient record, making it easy to locate each item. Limfinity® also contains a gantt chart feature which provides a quick visual diagram of where each task stands for each patient.

External Deployments

The following is a list of divisions that Limfinity® has been deployed in so far.

Translational Research

The US Government’s top Translational Science team uses Limfinity® to manage their entire patient lifecycle. Beginning with intake, patient information is captured and Limfinity® guides the clinician or researcher user through more than potentially applicable 80 workflows.

Translational Science is the combination of Clinical practice and Research data to diagnose and treat complex and rare diseases. This solution features management of genomic and proteomic sequencing, patient interview and scheduling, collaboration and reporting and dozens more.

Diagnostic Laboratory

From some of the largest global operations, to a certain toxicology startup lab that recently adopted Limfinity®, diagnostic labs need stable software. Limfinity® provides this CA-based lab business with bi-directional communication with its instruments and a clean, sharp customer portal for customers to make and check status on orders.

Pathology labs know that the smallest data errors can wreck relationships – between them and their customers, as well as for their customers and the patient. This solution features manual entry-free results collection, smart workflows that guide users and inbuilt customer, doctor and patient web portals.

Environmental Testing

The US Navy’s researchers in Egypt use Limfinity® to manage specimen collection and testing. As field staff submit, specimen data is automatically checked against acceptable ranges and labels generated, beginning a streamlined process.

Research can lead laboratories to amass incredible amounts of data, any small portion of which may prove to be critical. This solution features a high degree of automation in its core processes, as well as advanced data mining and reports.

Food Testing

Your operations may depend on dozens of suppliers – can you police them all? Limfinity® provides a critical service to the food industry in collecting, auto-checking and reporting on shipments of product.

The food service industry is fast paced and the labs that support them need to ensure that quality levels are met and that uniformity creates a good customer experience every time. This solution features management of vendors, chemistry and other quality assurance tests and inbuilt client portals.

Genomic Sequencing – Centralized

The Moon Shots know just how easy adopting Limfinity® is. After about a dozen hours three years ago, they still use system to manage library prep, output data and follow up from their sequencing machines.

Genomic sequencing has led to breakthroughs in the fight against cancer and has become cheap enough to be widespread. Now the challenge lies in smart use of the extraordinary volume of data. This solution features management of sequencing laboratory operations, the ability to make automatic calls on results interpretation software and much more.

Genomic Sequencing – External

Top 15 big pharma gets hundreds of requests for sequencing in a day. Limfinity® manages the submission and receipt, automates quality checking and manages library prep. In the end, the results are conveyed back to orderer through a clean, easily understood portal UI.

External sequencing allows smaller operations to leverage important genomic sequence analysis without the great expense of sequencing equipment. This solution features all the management and UI tools that hub of sequencing activity needs to automate and retain quality, no matter the load of orders.

Document Management

When you are hunting for the cure to a rare disease, every test result on every treated patient around the world should be considered. Now, a certain non-profit organization uses Limfinity to achieve just that: it has given access to its collaborators all over the world and each patient known to them enters their findings in real time.

The smallest, dedicated team can fight the most elusive and dangerous disorders and diseases is they have data on their side. This solution provides intelligent document labelling and cataloguing, collaborator web portal and tools.


Highflow cytometry testing is gaining ground as a powerful scientific tool of today and tomorrow. A large team in Oregon quickly assembled the software management they needed to capture data and maintain quality at their program back in 2014. Now they are expanding.

Proteomics, as many promising sciences are, is underserved by the largest scientific software providers today and, until now, were required to cobble together management solutions or sink millions of dollars into customer software development. This solution features full highflow cytometry workflow management and integrates with other proteomics software platforms, such as FlowJo.

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