Feature Highlight


Workflow Designer: Our user-friendly UI allows you to easily build workflows step-by-step, first by creating distinct workflow states, then by adding tools as needed.


Charts & Reporting: Search for data using keyword search or by building a query- save common searches for future use. Reports can be generated quickly to export data to a csv file, or customized to produce a formatted chart or PDF.


Calendar: View scheduled Shipments or track deadlines for any laboratory process with built-in calendar tools.


Easy Import/Export: Your custom Limfinity® solution natively supports import via standard XLSX or CSV files for simple data entry and data migration. Limfinity® also allows users to export any data at any time to CSV file format for easy transfer to other applications.


Label Printing: Customize static text, data, and barcode (2-D or 3D) for multiple labels, as needed. Subject Barcodes are automatically assigned to all records in Limfinity®, so users can easily print labels for Vials, Boxes, Kits, and more immediately after a label template is created.


Role-Based Security: Limfinity® allows a user to set permissions for data objects and/or specific workflows or tools based on user roles/responsibilities in your organization. Easily create a custom interface for different types of users using show/hide tools – show financial employees one view and lab personnel another.

Let’s Get Started

Decide What To Track

Limfinity® workflows operate on configurable record types. You decide which fields to include on each record based on your requirements.

For example, you can create a Subject Type called VIAL with UDFs ‘Current Volume’, ‘Unit’, ‘Container’, ‘Sample Type’. Similarly, you can set up a PATIENT Subject Type with UDFs ‘Date of Birth’, ‘Sex’, ‘Address’, ‘Physician Name’. Any entity can be tracked using Limfinity®. To start, create the Subject Types you want to track and add User-defined fields for each.

Build Your Workflows

Use the Limfinity® Workflow Designer UI to build your workflows by adding discreet workflow states, and tools within each state.

  • In the Accessioning state we can add an Edit tool to allow users to enter/edit data for VIAL records.
  • For the In Testing state we can add a Simple Picker tool to assign one or more Tests to the VIAL records (Tests would be defined in Step 1) and a Group Edit tool to allow data entry for results of assigned Tests.
  • The Completed state could have a Report tool to allow users to create a summary report with a single button click and an optional step to return to In Testing state if more work is required. Mark the workflow as ‘Ready’ and it’s available for use immediately!

Search, Report, & Communicate

Well-managed data puts useable information at your finger tips.

Built-in search tools allow you to easily find and export information in various formats. Report tools range from simple to sophisticated. Simple reports specify the order of fields in a csv export; sophisticated reports use html and Liquid coding to control font and color, add headers/footers, and other objects to PDF reports. Communicate information to key users (or external collaborators) using built-in email, SMS, and system alert tools.




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